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Must Have Car accessories

Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls I’m gonna be showing you guys five car accessories that you need to have inside your car from safety to keeping a car smelling fresh keeping your car clean if you have a car.

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all right so the first thing on the list is one of these now this is equivalent to the little trees it just goes directly on your your air conditioner vent so very very simple you put it in there and then that’s it and it makes the car smell good as you guys can see I pick up the cherry blossom honey and it smells fantastic and the one thing good about this why I prefer this other than the classic little trees is it’s just so the streak and since it’s just a pad all you got to do is just take some essential oils and the central oils is good for many different reasons you could put it in an oil diffuser you can you know make so put it shampoo in this case all little trees use it’s just essential oils they just put a couple of drops and they put some kind of pad desorb the oil and that’s it Oh came down fast so now when you put it in the vent it’s kind of like having the oil diffuser because it’s blowing the essential air to you you could really blow it away or whatever you like to do but now it’s smelling like well one side of smell like pine needle and the other one is smell like cherry blossom I literally just put this thing in yesterday alright guys so next up this is called a drop stop now you can stop the drop with drop stop you always find yourself dropping things in between the seat well once you get this and you install in your color that is no more don’t drop and drive keep your eyes on the road not in your gap you know dropping your phone in between the seats it’s a struggle but with this it’s gonna fall right back in your lap about 9:00 your lap but in between your you don’t have to worry about fries getting in between the seats and this is gonna be good for any car so you don’t have to look at the car model or anything like that is universal I’m sure you guys how to set it up right now so this is the passenger side you got to make sure the buckle is in the hole you just want to tuck this part in between the seats now you could probably do it a little bit neater than me but just make sure everything is aligned well and then you should be good and since drop stops slides it’s always at your side and that’s how you set it up so no more things falling in between the seats that’s a huge plus I think cars should have this pre-installed anyway

Now next up on the list this is an ultra-high power portable battery pink as you guys can see this is an outlet right here so you could plug in your laptop plug in anything it’s actually powered this on so you just press the button once I’m on 85% this is your flashlight button so once you press that flashlight button now if you want to do SOS you just press it one time and you have SOS just like that you press and hold it it turns off not only that you have this flat pair this is where all the magic happened you have your USB ease okay so you can charge your phone by the way it came into this nice little case so you don’t have to buy this separately or nothing like that but it comes with these accessories so it comes to all the cables that you need you have your lightning and your iPhone you even have the old-school iPhone charger this is the 30-pin connector this right here is gonna jumpstart your car so if you need a little boost or your friend needs a boost you grab the jumper cables and then you open up this flap here is you’re gonna see it’s a car icon just like so once you connect it you can charge your car using this power bank very very convenient very very handy it will save you a night you know god forbid you need a jump and nobody is available you know and look no further had this in your trunk have it somewhere in your car you can you know save the day save yourself

At the number four spot we have a cordless vacuum cleaner not necessarily a car accessory but this would be very very convenient to vacuum your mats no need to go to the car wash just to vacuum your mats it’s very very handy and convenient for around the house too as well alright you have different brush heads too so you have this roller one you had the real real brush and then we have these extenders this right here okay so I could press it on you gotta be a battery gauge here and then this is the suction power [Applause] there’s a battery that you got to work with so I’m gonna put this thing to the test enjoy the b-roll [Music]

thank you Miss strong though trust me max fact let’s vacuum my mom’s car all right so this is a better example look how dirty the match look it missed this but this is just a little lint but look at that big difference huge difference call this vacuum gotta have this now I didn’t officially put this on the list but I recommend you guys have some kind of cross you know when you’re driving you wanna you know you gotta just thank God every day that you reach your destination you pray that you get there safe you get home safe get to you know get to work get to school safe how I recommend having a cross now another thing too I put on the list this is a microfiber cleaning cloth and this is good for any kind of situation you know cleaning your mirror you know cleaning anything your steering wheel a little bit your dash is a little dusty your screen has a lot of fingerprints it’s got a handle it really well I highly recommend getting to or getting a pack.

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I’m going to throw a link in the description to this the same exact one have one for inside and have one for outside your car this is called a dash camera and this is so important god forbid if you get into an accident you have the evidence right here this thing is pretty much always recording you have loop recording you can set it so you could set it every three minutes five minutes one minute so it’s gonna just keep on recording as soon as you stop the car this thing is automatically recording so it’s recording as we speak and I literally just boot up the car and the best thing to even when you shut down the car see how the screen went black it’s still recording so this thing has a battery built in and God forbid if you get into a car accident the dash camera will actually detect the cause it has an accelerometer it has like a detection as a sensor where it basically is just gonna automatically lock that footage show if you want to take it to the police you want to take the person into court you you have the evidence no matter

what it is I highly highly highly recommend a dash camera I pacifically recommend this one because it has two cameras so as you guys can see it has a front-facing camera and you have a rare camera so this is going to record the environment right here and then it’s recording me as we speak it’s important to have a front-facing camera because you know you could protect your back so if someone hit you from behind pause you know you had that evidence right there on the back so it’s gonna record everything both of them are wide-angle cameras you need to have a high endurance memory card because this thing is constantly recording and overriding things and speaking overriding things it’s only gonna override it if the footage is not that important now if you want to lock in that footage you press this button right here so this is the emergency button so god forbid if you get into an accident you just press that button and also that slashes as a park after five minutes when things are idle if the car is not moving is automatically gonna put it in Park mode it’s still gonna be recording it is a 4k dash camera but if you’re using both the cameras it’s only gonna record on 1080p on the front-facing camera and on the rear camera like I said that’s to 1080p cameras that’s just pretty powerful on one SD card so it’s putting a lot of wear and tear on that SD card but it’s for but it’s definitely important now if you want even one record in 4k you add the only record using the rear camera can I use the front facing camera so whatever to do it’s just let’s do a video test now it has a usb on the side and yeah this thing is connected even though it’s on the mount it is connected to my car as you guys can see I ran the wire here all the way over here in the side I hide the wires really really good blue right there I open up the door I got the wire on the side here then I’m went under the mat and then you guys see that blue light that’s where the dash camera is connected to so it’s a standard car charger it’s not rocket science to setup and it even has a extra USB so in case you want to charge your phone or any device you have I recommend you guys picking up a power bank because if you’re not planning on driving for X amount of time you know you want to be able to charge it and always have the evidence alright let’s just take it for a spin.

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This is why you guys need an electric skateboard you parked your car get the plan you know point A to point B in matters [Music] [Music] yo but don’t don’t go all the way down the break though the break the break is kind of need to make a video on it this is why you need an electric skateboard you park your car get to your destination in like five seconds well I’m being dramatic like two minutes if you live in California Southern California and eat this board right here just because it’s stuff like this and ladies and gentlemen there you guys have it those are my must-haves car accessories I might even make a part two in the near future but let me know in the comments down below how did I did I think I bodied this video all the essential things I like the skateboard the dash camera is critical the vacuum cleaner the air freshener is keeping your car nice and smelling fresh anyway that pretty much concludes today’s article.