2020 Nissan Juke SUV Review

Believe up not Nissan has sold more than a million Jukes since the car first went on sale back in 2010 but back then there were really only two rivals for the car. These days the new model faces competition for more than 25 other small SUVs including some really great cars like the Volkswagen t walk and the new Skoda kamek.

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In this article, we’re going to be finding out what’s new about the looks what’s nicer about the inside how well it can drive itself can an adult now fit in the back and how you can make your Duke look different from everyone else’s but before we kick off.

The main reason this car has been such a massive seller over the last nine years and as a basic silhouette it doesn’t actually look that much different from before does it you’ve still got this a quite aggressive rising shoulder line here these muscular rear haunches and other things as well like this door handles hidden in the side of the doorframe there these black plastic wheel arch trims and also if you come around to the front these big round headlights here they’re all very much Juke hallmarks but there are actually some quite big differences and to help us point those out we’ve magically summoned an old Juke so one of the biggest difference is obviously the size of this grille here at the front on the new car it’s much bigger it’s still called vmotion grille on the old car it was smaller probably the biggest difference though are these indicator lenses now on the old car they much higher up on the bonnet and they protrude as well as on the new car its sleeker this slimmer they’re more conventional but if we take a look around at the back these old some bulbous boomerang headlights have been replaced by these much sleeker and more modern lenses.

The new Juke looks better than the old car do you actually think Nissan has played it a little bit too safe and you actually think the old car is a better-looking thing let us know by voting in our poll so we’re inside the new Juke and I’ve gotta say it is so much nicer than the old car admittedly this is range-topping techni Plus model or what’s equivalent to that in the UK but you’ve got some bits of Alcantara here on the centre console on the dash on the seats and actually everything feels really solidly put together as well this centre console here doesn’t feel at all wobbly these events here I particularly like them the turbine style shape but also the middle bits are made a metal and actually I don’t if you can hear but really satisfying click when you switch them on and off there are a few bits of hard scratchy plastic in here like on top of the doors here and just below the heater controls but overall the impression is really really good but it’s not just interior quality that’s moved on because the driving position it’s also much much better than it was in the old G I remember we actually had a long term in the what car office for about a year and every time I drove it I just couldn’t get comfortable at all and that’s because the steering wheel only moved up and down on this new car it also moves in and out and that means I can get much more comfortable when it’s suits of much wider range of body shapes and different heights that you do sit slightly lower than you did in the old Juke but you still feel like you’re in a proper small SUV and I haven’t got the measurements to prove this yet but certainly in terms of perception you feel like you a little bit further from the road then you’re doing something like the BWT cross visibility is also better than it was in the old Juke that’s mainly because of these slimmer windscreen pillars here but also because the door mirrors have been dropped slightly so you get a better view out of the front and also out of the side junctions although the view out the back that’s still pretty terrible because of this rising shoulder line and these really chunky weird pillars.

From a usability point of view the new Juke is pretty good as well thankfully nice and hasn’t bound to the latest trend and put all of the air conditioning controls into the touch screen you’ve got physical dials for adjusting the interior temperature and you’ve also got physical buttons for turning on the heated seat so in our view it’s a very good thing and that brings me onto the infotainment system now apart from entry-level Vizio trim all versions that you get this eight-inch touchscreen and it’s pretty easy to use the icons are got nice and big but the screen resolution isn’t that great and also sometimes when you press an icon it can take a while to respond you do get lots of gadgets there including apple carplay and android auto smartphone mirroring and if you upgrade to an connector or above you also get a built-in sat-nav with live traffic not sure why you really need that these days because anyone with a phone can use Google Maps always but if you do want a built in sat-nav with live traffic information then in Connecticut rim is the one to go for to help out with parking if you go for a centre trim you’ll get regular rear view camera and if you upgrade to a Tecna model then you’ll get this really handy if rather low resolution 360-degree bird’s-eye view camera this and also says this is the most connected car it’s ever made and one of the reasons for that is because you can download this app to your phone and that means you can remotely do things like finding out your car’s location but also honking the horn unlocking the doors and switching on the headlights storage space in here is not as good as something like the new kamek but there’s a reasonable amount you’ve got a small cubby under the central armrest a you’ve got a couple of cupholders that’ll take a small bottle of water or a takeaway cup of tea or coffee and there’s another tray in front of the gear lever here and that’s useful for stowing your phone door bins are quite narrow but they do widen at the front so again they’re fine for stowing a bottle of water and also the glove box is quite a reasonable size as well now another area the new Juke is much much better than the old car is interior space in the old car I would be hunched up here and I’d be really uncomfortable whereas as you can see I’m sitting behind my imagine yourself here and I’ve got plenty of legroom this and says there’s 58 millimeters more than there was in the old car Headroom that’s a little bit tighter there’s a little bit more than there was in the old car but actually on a reasonably long distance I’d be quite comfortable back here now although space is pretty good it does feel a little bit claustrophobic here in the back and that’s partly because again have this rising shoulder line so for someone of my height if I look sideways what I can see is a chunky rear pillar but as I say overall not too bad for space and certainly by the stands there class more than acceptable but let’s take a look at the boot now boot space wasn’t strength of the old Juke but this new car is much much better overall capacity is 422 litres so for context that is almost as much as you’re getting a cash guy which is miss sounds car from the class above and as you can see you fit a couple of suitcases in there quite easily but it’s not just the space on offer because if I take these suitcases out you’ll be able to see that although you’re left with quite big lip at the entrance here you’ve actually got a height adjustable boot floor and if you put that and its highest setting here as you can see the lip disappears almost completely and the shape of the boot is also quite nice and square access is also better than before because you get a broad a pitcher there’s no intrusion here from the light area and you can also fold down the rear seats in a 60/40 split right now for the time being at least you don’t have to worry about choosing an engine in the Juke because there’s only one and it’s a one-litre three-cylinder petrol with 115 brake horsepower and on the whole performance is actually perfectly acceptable you do need to keep the revs above about 2,000 rpm before it starts to pull but when you do that other than one or two flat spots in the power delivery as you accelerate up to speed acceleration is it’s actually not bad at all and it’s quite a smooth engine it’s more so than equivalent 1 liter engines in the likes of the VW T cross and the Skoda kamek for example now more engines are likely to join the range in the coming months and years we don’t know exactly what they’ll be yet but this and has ruled out a diesel it says that’s not what Juke buyers are expecting at all and it’s also said the hybrid model will very likely join the range in the future what’s it like to drive in other respects well I’m not gonna try to pretend this is some kind of sports SUV but it is so much better to drive than the old Juke I promise you and that’s both in terms of cornering but also ride comfort so let’s start with cornering now there isn’t too much body roll through corners by the stance of small SUVs at least and actually it grips pretty well the steering well that’s quite communicative as well so on the whole I’d say this is at least as good as something like a VW t cross now as I’ve already mentioned this car does have the largest wheels that you can get on the new Juke they’re 19 inches in diameter so it’s unsurprising that right Comfort isn’t perfect it’s quite choppy and you can certainly feel bumps as they pass beneath the car but even so it’s quite a bit better than the old Juke and you can go for smaller 17-inch wheels which miss and have told us and we can only believe them at this point in time that white comfort is better if you do that whether it’ll be quite as good or something like a VW T cross I doubt it but we’ll certainly give you the benefit of the doubt for the time being we’re just pulling off the country roads here and onto the motorway and as you pick up speed the first thing you’re aware of is there is quite a lot of wind noise from around the windscreen pillar here and also quite a lot of road noises where you can probably hear that Rumble in the background it’s certainly something you’re well but the real thing I wanted to talk about on the motorway is the autonomous driving features and this and calls the system Pro pilot so you’ve got several things you can do you can obviously set normal cruise control so you can set your speed but also there’s an adaptive function so the car will maintain a set distance from the car in front and effectively brake and accelerate accordingly but there’s more there’s also a self steering function and what you do to activate that is you turn on adaptive cruise control and after a short period of time as long as you’re driving along the motorway in your lane there’s a driver display there and a steering will go green and that means that the car is taking control and on the whole as long as it’s nothing too complex coming up it actually does a pretty good job of steering you along your lane now this self-driving tech comes on Tecna and Tecna plus great so the relatively high trim levels and if you go for an automatic gearbox you’ll also get a feature that in stop-start traffic you can bring the car to a halt and start again so you don’t even have to worry about that but here are five more things you might want to know about the Nissan Juke if you’re thinking about buying one questions for the new Juke start a 17-3 nine flavour which is about the same as a new Skoda kamek although this range topping Tecna plus a bottle without set you back twenty three eight ninety five and if you do go for a Tecna or a technic plus model you’ll get an eight-speaker Bose sound system as standard that even has speakers here in the headrests there’s plenty of scope for personalization on the new juke although not on the cheapest two trim levels vizier and a center go for in connector and you can have a black silver or red roof with matching door mirrors but if you want to add a bit of color to the interior as well you’ll need to go for the top spec Tecna plus trim the new juke comes with this six-speed manual gearbox at our standard or they for a bit extra you can also have a 7-speed auto the new juke is predicted hold on to its value really well by small SUV standards certainly better than the likes of the Citroen c3 air cross although the vwt cross that’s expected to hold its value even better overall then the new juke is much much better than the car replaces and we reckon it’s one of the better smaller SUVs that you can buy today but find out just how good we’ll be putting it against its rivals in the coming months.